The Milan Christian Assistance Fund was established in 2008 when the churches of Milan realized that people were going from church to church seeking assistance. We decided that we could better use our resources to provide help if we sent people to a single location to obtain help. The Milan Christian Assistance Fund was born. We recruited Jeanie Chapman from the Blackhawk township to administer the funds. When someone comes to seek help the churches send that individual to Jeanie and she will investigate their situation and use township funds if appropriate, as well as our church funds. We have rules for the funds use. People can only receive help once a year and only in an amount not to exceed $200. Priority will be given to families with children. No money will be given to the individual. All checks will be written to the provider. We will only assist those who have a Milan address or who live in S.W. Rock Island on the south side of the Rock River. People from the surrounding communities of Andalusia, Preemption and Coyne Center can also receive assistance. No assistance will be given unless there is a clear plan for how that bill will be paid in the future. There are times and special circumstances when we set some of these rules aside. That requires a pastor from one of the churches to authorize that assistance.

We give between $1,800 and $2,200 on an annual basis. Most of our requests are for Utility Assistance and/or rent assistance. Because of our help people are enabled to maintain their homes and move through the difficult patches that come to us all. Together we live our faith and reach out the healing of our Lord Jesus Christ.