Men’s Network

The St. Matthew Men’s Network meets together on a monthly basis for breakfast, Bible study, and fellowship.  The Men’s Network also seeks to organize and participate in service opportunities in the congregation.  It is open to all men, including youth who have been confirmed. 

NEXT EVENT:  We are currently taking some time off during our pastoral vacancy.

Last TOPIC:  “A Man Named Martin” 

DESCRIPTION:  The impact Martin Luther had on the growth and development of Christianity is enormous. But how did this unknown miner’s son change the world? In this study, we will examine the life and times of this religious reformer. From his humble beginnings in Germany to his tireless work to understand Scripture and share the truths of the Bible, Martin Luther inspired a Reformation that reverberates throughout Christendom to this day.


Men’s Network (from Lutheran Hour Ministries)

Men's Network